Why Tiny Houses are Popular in NC

In NC, known as the Golden State, the tiny house movement is starting to take root and there are many good reasons why. NC is a place that has cities bustling with people both day and night, while it also has deserts so barren that you won’t find any life at all for hundreds of miles. Those looking for a quiet place to call home, where the sounds of the city are only a short drive away, might want to try looking at tiny houses for sale in NC.

Being a state that has extremely high rent and housing prices, it’s no wonder that many people, both young and old, are starting to turn to the tiny house lifestyle. Making the change to living in a smaller house can seem like a huge challenge, but the truth is that it does not have to be. Besides, the savings that a tiny house can offer nearly makes the entire process worth the trouble.

Also, since tiny homes are usually registered as a recreational vehicle or mobile home, they are often exempt from many regulations that govern standard houses. This also means that, in NC, tiny houses are also often exempt from certain taxes. One other bonus to a tiny house on wheels is that it will give you the flexibility to move wherever you want to throughout the Golden State.

Whether its saving money or for the flexibility of being able to move around, tiny home owners often enjoy living free from the typical obstacles that keep most of us tied down to our daily lives.

The Benefits of Tiny Houses

People that are tossing around the concept of living in a tiny house usually keep all the benefits in the back of their minds. They often feel that these benefits have more value than what they get when living in a traditional house. On top of saving money and being able to move around, tiny house dwellers also get to enjoy a few other special perks.

  • Eco-Friendly – One of the major reasons that people turn are looking at tiny houses for sale in NC is because they are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and the impact that they have on the planet. These tiny houses are usually more energy efficient and often run their own power from either solar panels, windmills or other types of generators.
  • The Simple Life – With the country’s average family size declining, many families are now starting to wonder why they should end up living in a house that has more space than what they need. Most people who choose to live in a tiny house are often after a simpler lifestyle. Tiny house living offers people a chance to take up less space, have fewer bills and over all, have less stress in their life.
  • Maintenance – While tiny houses offer an eco-friendly and simpler life, they often require far less physical work to maintain. From having less floor space to sweep and mop to simply not having enough room for clutter to build up, a tiny house is guaranteed to need require far less upkeep than a traditional home.
  • Flexibility – Many people who make the switch to tiny house living often end up finding themselves in a tiny house on wheels. While this means that they are exempt from some taxes and building codes, this also means that the owners can move as often as they want to, without the need to deal with banks, brokers or real estate agents.
  • Savings – This is likely tied for the most important reason that people are looking at tiny homes for sale in NC. Due to their smaller size, tiny houses require far less energy for heating and cooling. Electricity and water bills are also likely going to be lower than when living in a bigger, full-size home. Aside from the savings, most tiny home owners can build or buy their home without needing a mortgage or are able to pay off their mortgage much sooner.

The Cost of Tiny Houses for Sale in NC


No two tiny homes are going to cost the same thing. Depending on the size of the home and the materials used, the price can be anywhere as low as $20 000 all the way through to $150 000. Often, when hiring a builder to build your tiny home, you will also be forced to choose whether they will be furnishing the house or not. This will, obviously, affect the over all cost of the individual tiny house project.


Most builders quote prices at about $30 000, but that is often just the cost of the house itself. If you want them to finish the interior and furnish the house for you, it will end up costing you more.

For average, tiny homes for sale in NC, the cost is usually between $70 000 and $130 000. But again, depending on what exactly you are looking, the cost is obviously going to vary.


Where Can I Get a Tiny House in NC?

This depends entirely on a person’s individual wants and needs. Everyone’s situation is going to be somewhat different. But, those looking for a tiny house will need to either buy a tiny house from its previous owners or build the house themselves.

Buying may often seem like a better idea. There is far less to think about other than financing the purchase and moving into your new home. However, you will not be able to customize the house to your very own liking. On the other hand, building your tiny home will give you more of a chance to customize your home, but it will likely cost you more.


Why Hiring Builders is Better Than Looking for Used Tiny Homes for Sale in NC

Of course, the choice to buy or build is going to depend on a person’s situation. Both options have their own benefits and downfalls.

However, in many cases, the option to hire a builder is the better choice. When you have your tiny house built for you, you get to make all the calls throughout the process. You can choose what goes into the house and how it gets put together. You will also not be stuck living in a house that was designed the way someone else wanted it. Over all, choosing a builder is the better choice and will save you a lot of headaches in the end.


What Can We Offer

Here, at Build Tiny House, we give our customers the ability to make massive life changes without needing to spend a fortune. However, the tiny house movement is not just about saving money. It is an entire lifestyle that leads to a simpler way of life and is an attempt to make the world a better place one house at a time. Keeping this in mind, Build Tiny House is dedicated to offering the possibility of better living to all those willing to make the change.

Since most tiny home owners live mortgage-free, our customers often can move around and travel much more than when they were living in their bigger houses. The mobility granted to you by living in a tiny house is something that many of us want, but can’t afford due to being tied down to a large house and a large debt.

With so many great benefits, tiny house living also allows you to become part of a thriving community of like-minded people. Most people who are into this type of lifestyle share common values and living in a tiny house will make it easy for you to meet others who are just like you.

At Build Tiny House, we offer our customer access to fully customized tiny houses. We make it a point to work with every one of our clients and make sure that every single one of their needs are met. This can be a huge step for some people, which is why we want to make sure that you end up in your dream home and not making choices that you regret. We stay involved throughout the entire building process. From designing the blueprints to putting the house together, Build Tiny House stays by your side.

We offer beautiful and practical tiny homes in every state across the U.S.A. Build Tiny House also offers interior finishing and furnishings so that once your house is built, you will be able to move it without having to spend time shopping for furniture and appliances.

The eco-friendly aspect is also a big part of what draws people towards this lifestyle.

We, at Build Tiny House, our now proud to announce the addition of timber framed tiny houses to our name. This offers clients a sustainable and even more earth-friendly choice. On top of being eco-friendly, timber is a durable and non-toxic material that is both flexible and a natural insulator. The biggest perk of using timber to build a tiny house is that your have more possibilities to build your tiny house the way you want.

Since we are dedicated to keeping our customers happy showing them all of their options when lookingat tiny houses for sale in NC, we offer free delivery to anywhere in the country. Here are a few of the bigger cities where our services can be found.

Laws Regarding Tiny Houses in NC

Despite the growing popularity of tiny homes, certain city and municipal laws can make it complicated to build a tiny house as a permanent dwelling. The laws, of course, while vary by region but many places have a minimum size that a single-family home can be, which often complicates the lives of those looking to make life easier. It is always important to check your local zoning regulations before making any major decisions on purchasing a tiny home. It is also important to note that tiny houses that are built on wheels are often exempt from many building codes, regulations and some tiny home owners may even be exempt from certain taxes.

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April 11, 2018